I'm Daniela, the owner of Sacred Harbor Photography.  My partner and I (and our 3 cats) moved from Boston, MA to beautiful Portland, OR in November 2021.  We're excited to experience the natural beauty of the area and meet the vibrant Portland community!


As a queer photographer, I strive to provide services that are inclusive and welcoming to all people.  In an effort to be as flexible as possible for those in different situations, I do my absolute best to work with unconventional budgets and plans. If you have a need for photography services, reach out, and we'll see how we can work together!  


Daniela Klaz

Daniela is the creator and head photographer of Sacred Harbor, has been leading the team for 6 years.  Also works as a solutions designer for a robotics company in Waltham, MA.  She loves swimming and outdoor adventures, and loves to travel and play board games.

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Supervisor, furry heating pad, professional purrer, and muse. Pear shaped and hungry since 2012.

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Oreo Cookie

Oreo Cookie is a purrfessional licker.  He finds joy in everything his tongue touches... so everything in our home is locked away from his jowls.  

He does earn his keep by serving as a foot and head heater on cold nights.