We're so excited to announce that we're moving to the Pacific Northwest on October 31, 2021. 

Until Oct 31st, we still have dates available for sessions in the Central NH and surrounding areas.  After October 31, we will be booking in Portland, OR and surrounding areas.

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We believe in our clients and their visions, and strive to produce the highest quality work with every session. We strive to support and elevate everyone we work with because we love and believe in our community.  We love and respect every couple's right to marry, and will support them throughout the process.  We treat all clients, vendors, and partners equally, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or budget. We are honest, and communicate honestly about our pricing, services, and recommendations. 

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We're passionate about protecting the environment, especially the coasts, waterways, harbors, and bays.  We're committed to making a positive impact to our shores and wildlife by volunteering, donating, and supporting environmental conservation organizations.


We're not just "show-up-and-shoot" photographers.  Before booking, we ask lots of questions to make sure we fully understand your needs and the services you're looking for.  We will work with you to help finalize timelines, scope out locations, and plan outfits.  We communicate with you up to your booking, and afterwards, keep you informed on when your gallery will be completed.  We treat you as we would want to be treated.  

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Genie & Bill

There are NO words to articulate how intensely grateful I am to have met & worked with her!! Daniela found our hearts amongst this paradise that we booked this perfect day with her~ Our 1st meet with her!! We are so grateful she will also be with us in the near future to capture our most magical moments yet!!
If you’re looking for a photographer for a truly important occasion, don’t waste your time looking any further- You’ve found perfection right here. If the photos aren’t enough, please know that the beauty she somehow captures, comes with her art- her talent- but she herself couldn’t have been more caring; kind; professional, but at moments I needed some tender guidance, she was right there!!